My ‘avatar’ client…

You don’t have to be a blue, hybrid human-alien, but you are likely to be:


  • Seeking a career change or to start-up your own business, often after a career break from a successful job
  • Possessing an excellent product, service, knowledge or expertise, but are unsure how to turn it into a thriving career or business
  • Lacking focus, overwhelmed, caught up in a cycle of procrastination, with no tangible plan
  • Passionate and driven, but struggling with self-belief and motivation
  • Unsure about the practicalities of setting up a business, marketing, social media, employing staff etc
  • Prepared to take some risks, adapt, evolve and learn new skills
  • Isolated and needing a ‘critical friend’ to provide support, focus, encouragement but also a sounding-board and accountability
  • Wanting to achieve better work-life balance, but also to feel great about your work again

Work with me if:


  • You are driven, creative and committed to making your business a success
  • You aren’t afraid to try new things and to work hard
  • You will be honest with me, but most of all with yourself


Coaching may not be right for you if:


  • You are unable to be ‘present’ in the coaching sessions and committed to work during and between sessions
  • You aren’t ready to listen, be constructively challenged, or adapt and evolve